About us

“Nasr Dalya” Food Industry Company relying on God and aiming to meet the prerequisites of the food industry section, was established in 2011; in this respect we do the best to bump into this requirement and provides high-quality and healthy products.

This company develops its yields quality and quantity to maintain the market share and plays the active role in regional and international markets. NDCO main principles are rationality, knowledge-based production, and customer-oriented services, ethical, humanistic and responsible behavior towards customers. Focusing on the pervasive development, maintaining the consumers’ trust and products’ health, the modernized knowledge issued for the high-quality production and it is the top ambition of the organization, for planning and decision making.

Nasr Dalya food industry Company, with respect to the sensitivities and requirements of customers, has well-thought-out on customer satisfaction as the main criteria for the products’ quality and in this regard, the production of various foodstuffs, takes the customers’ wants into account in target bazaars. In addition, we have the expertise and resources relying on modern technology, which attract Iranian and foreign consumers and experts contemplation. The company is well-equipped with all compulsory facilities for the production of high-quality products from A to Z.

Nasr Dalya Development and Investment Food Industry Company could export products to Iraq, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. This complex has been developed with the scope of a large export portion in the Middle East market, which is now monopolized by Nasr Dalya foodstuffs.

Nasr Dalya Food Industry Company is the only manufacturer with the products containing more than 10% protein in whey powder (without additives) in Iran and is bearing in mind its future enlargement plans to produce several produces such as milk powder, WPC and MPC’s.

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