Dry milk replacement powder

NDCO milk powder replacement has been produced with combination of fresh milk and whey in a wide variety of protein rate according to customers’ necessities which is widely used in cake, biscuit, chocolate, snacks, meat and dairy industries.


Range of alternative milk powder packaging is as follows:

  • Dry milk powder with 13-15 percent protein
  • Dry milk powder with 16-18 percent protein
  • Dry milk powder with 19-21 percent protein
  • Dry milk powder with 23-25 percent protein
  • Dry milk powder with 27-29 percent protein

These dairy products are used as an alternative part of fresh milk and in the meat, flour and chocolate industries to enrich nutritional value, flavor and functional belongings. Remarkably, considering the unique characteristics of our products “Nasr Dalya” company utilizes a certain combination according to required formulation of consumers.


  • Packing type: laminated tetra-pack with polyethylene bags
  • Package size: 25 kg

 Storage conditions and shelf life

  • Due to good packaging condition of the powder and cool, dry place storing, it has one year shelf life from the production to expiration date.

physicochemical and microbiological analysis

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